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Make Your Next Step in Your Publishing Journey with Ingenta CMS

April 5, 2018

Make Your Next Step in Your Publishing Journey with Ingenta CMS

Make Your Next Step in Your Publishing Journey with Ingenta CMS

For any publisher wanting a dedicated, highly configurable branded site suitable for all of their content, Ingenta offers Ingenta CMS: a custom hosting solution that can support and deliver everything you publish.

Whatever your business model – Open Access, “freemium”, subscription, or pay per view – Ingenta CMS can help leverage your content and attract more readers. Searching and browsing your content couldn’t be easier – Ingenta CMS allows the user to find what they need with the minimum of clicks, and the search facility auto-completes the terms you need – just like Google!


To keep track with the fast-changing world of online publishing, Ingenta CMS integrates seamlessly with the tools and services that researchers use day by day. Whether it be drilling down into article usage and sharing via AltMetric, running and assessing computer code via Code Ocean, or explaining complex concepts to a lay audience through Research Square’s Video Bytes, Ingenta CMS interfaces with them all, as well as with our many partners such CrossRefRinggoldORCID and others.

Concerned about how your team will react to having to learn new systems and tools? You needn’t be. Ingenta CMS is administered through an intuitive interface which can be learnt quickly and easily – even adding new pages to your site can be achieved within minutes via a WYSIWYG interface, without the need to contact the Ingenta team.

Concerned about how your content will display on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets? As detailed here, the proportion of users accessing content in this way is over 50% and growing. All sites using Ingenta CMS include responsive design ‘out of the box’ at no extra cost, ensuring that your content displays correctly on all devices.

Concerned about speed of roll-out? That was something foremost on the minds of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. They had been with their previous platform provider for over fourteen years and wanted Ingenta to be able to roll out a new fully functional journal site on Ingenta CMS for them in less than 100 days, as their existing contract was ending. Ingenta made the deadline with time to spare.

We would love to talk to you further about Ingenta CMS and how it can help fulfil your requirements at the London Book Fair. For more information, contact Mark Hester (Mark.Hester@ingenta.com)